Meet TheOdditty

Sofiyat Aderonke Ibrahim

I have always been told I was different, mostly odd.

I was continuously told to stay "normal" and stop being so "extra". It has broken me several times when no-one could see the extent to which my creative "me" wanted to come out.

As a young black woman, being different is not always a good thing. 

When you are considered different it is never positive. I am embracing that cruel translation of my life and making it my own. 

I do this for young women, older women, angry women, happy women, tall women, short women. This is for women who want something different and are searching for that ideal place.

I aim to create an avenue for those "odd," "weird" and "different" people who are pushed out of place. We are all beautifully imperfect. 

Let us create our own version of perfection one post at a time.