Sofiyat Aderonke Ibrahim

Hey! Its me

…and I am sure you’re pretty curious so read on…

Hey! Welcome to my little odd corner of the Internet

My name is Sofiyat but everyone calls me Sofi now (its a nickname I am getting used to) and I am the creator of TheOdditty. Ever since I was young, I was continuously told to stay "normal" and stop being so "extra". These words always made me feel left out or excluded because no-one could see the extent to which the creative "me" wanted to come out. I soon started a diary that helped me process my thoughts and emotions in ways that nothing else did.

So, I started this page to show just how odd I truly am and what I have learned is that I am ODD, I am UNIQUE and I am SPECIAL in my own way. That journey took. a little bit of time to get used but here I am and I am excited to share all of me with just you!

That every type of woman... young, old, tall, and short. For that girl in college struggling to keep up with the hustle and bustle of college life, or that 21yr old who feels lost and is scared going into adulthood. That woman is me, you and anyone else who is going through something. This space is for women who want something different and are searching for that ideal place.

I aim to create an avenue for those women, our very own "odd" community.

Send me a message if you want to talk, connect with me on my social media, ask me anything! I am here and so is everyone who supports me. 

Let us create our own