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Photo by  Pablo

Photo by Pablo

Hey You! I am guessing you’re here either cause you love my page wink wink and love to show support and/or you’re new here and looking to start your blog, WELCOME to the family! It has been a while since I shared some OddTips- as I like to call them on the blog, so grab a notepad and your fancy pen and lets get started. First, a disclaimer from this odd girl, I am not a blogging expert, but these people right here ARE and before I started my blog, these pages were my go-to every single time I needed some clarity and advice on what steps to take moving forward. If you have started a blog already, please still read this. A lot of these posts have been updated fairly recently that you’re bound to find something new that would help you along the way! So, Follow them and immerse yourself in their knowledge… cmon, its free!

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To get started, its fair to explain to you all that I started my blog in March of 2017 and in the two years since TheOdditty has existed, I have had some big failures as well as bigger successes. My failures were often avoidable if I simply did due diligence and researched on certain topics. My successes… well they all happened once I opened up to learning from what the internet had to offer. With that, I am going to get this list started and in few paragraphs explain why I chose these pages and why the particular articles I picked should be your first go-to.

First, If you’re a newbie blogger like I was, this one is for you.


15 Reasons I Think You Should Blog

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It made sense to start this off with this article that spoke to me in many ways. When I started my blog, it was an hobby, something that I wanted to do to while away my time. Sometime in between it became less about it being a hobby and more about how much this blog and the family I’ve gained from it means to me. Starting a blog changes your life in so many ways and this article shares all my sentiments. Please enjoy.

Now all the mushy stuff out of the way, here are a few articles, I think you need to read before starting your blog.


Starting a Blog: A Complete Guide for Serious Beginners in 2019

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The Blog Tyrant’s blog post, Starting a Blog: A Complete Guide for Serious Beginners in 2019 is updated every year and has been up since 2014. This is honestly the first post I ever read and mind you it is SUPER LONG!! So you know it had to be full of gems for me to keep going. But, the length is exactly why its my top post you need to read. In this one post, they explain the How, Why, and Where all while giving real life examples and tips on sustaining your blog moving forward. The comment section is also full of gems as they answer each and every question in detail, so if you have a question, they have probably answered it there. This article is everything and more. Click here to read, well hold on…don’t read now… finish this post and then go read!

Neil Patel

My Secret to Ranking #1 on Google


The SEO KING as I like to call him has been revolutionary in my life especially when dealing with issues on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which from my understanding terrifies a lot of bloggers- in plain English, its friggin’ frustrating! His post, “My Secret to Ranking #1 on Google” is a gem for that beginner who has no clue what SEO is- trust me, I thought I knew but he really really knows haha. Neil is huge and helps several companies build their marketing and SEO rankings on google but for us newbies, he’s good enough to at least help give us an idea of what to do and what not to do. It can be daunting looking at all the numbers and figures on his site but once you get out of that, there are some easy and simple gems to help you get on track! Plus, if you are not down to read, here is a video that helps as well!

Branded SoloRpreneur

The Quick & Dirty Guide to Branding for Solorpreneurs

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Okay, at this point you must have read The Blog Tyrant, and did a quick dive into SEO with Patel and now you’re here and probably from the look of the above image, hella confused. Well, this is the Branded Solopreneur, also known in my head as Andrea, the branding queen! There are a million blogs currently on the internet, hold on… actually 152 million blogs as at 2013 so yikes! Thats a lot of blogs and content that need to stand out and be their own brand! Here is where this particular article and blogger comes in! Andrea’s Ebook, “The Quick & Dirty Guide to Branding for Solorpreneurs,” is a game changer in helping you build a personal brand which is what you need, to stand out! Everything from colors, fonts, writing styles and email etiquette! Her page has it all and more. Check her out!

And finally,


Empowering women/men to build empires


In this post, we have had a few articles that you should definitely read up on but this particular page has it all! Ana, basically created her page to focus on providing women (and men) with a strong foundation, actionable tips and tried and tested strategies to grow and expand their online reach. As a new blogger, this is your one stop shop to get started in the blogosphere. Plus, she is freaking 22 years old and doing the dang thing so we can all learn a thing or two! Check out The She Approach and let me know what you think in the comments below!


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Welp! Thats all folks! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and you enjoy exploring some of these amazing pages! If you want to see more of #TheOddBloggerTips please comment below and also share what you would like me to write about! I got you!

Genuinely enjoyed writing this.

Love always,