Top 10 "HOW TO BLOG" Bloggers You Should Be Following on Instagram

Being a creative is not a hobby, It is a way of Life
— Anon

In a few short months, this blog has grown tremendously from an idea in my head, to this wonderful community of people who follow me for genuine content and who are constantly supporting me.  I have had to learn how to do basically everything by myself and without the help of these phenomenal bloggers, I would not have known where I needed to start. These "How-To Blog" bloggers are my fairy blog-parents. I visit their website and their Instagram pages almost everyday to get the necessary tools I need to help grow my blog.

As new bloggers or even as creatives in general, sorting through the billion blogs out there can seem overwhelming. I am sharing this with you all because when I was starting out, I wish I had a lot of these tools. I also know there are so many other phenomenal bloggers out there and I would love if you commented their names in the comments so I can go check them out! These are my current top 10 how-to bloggers you need to be following to get your blog off the ground, do you spot someone familiar?

The Blog Tyrant

The Blog Tyrant-

If you want to kick some blogging butt, one of the first sites I would recommend is the BlogTyrant. Their blog posts are informative and are extremely easy to understand for beginners. Their posts immediately give you insight with what you need to be doing and the best way to do it. Their writing is pretty simple and they have little cartoons that help give their page a fun look and also makes reading about blogging somewhat bearable! If you follow all their tips you’ll hopefully save a lot of time and valuable energy and also have a banging blog! 


Melyssa Griffin-- @melyssa_griffin

You have probably come across Melyssa Griffin's blog if you are a new blogger hoping to begin making a profit with blogging! With her huge smile and website full of endless resources on how to be the best "for profit" blogger, She is God sent! Her resources focus on everything from learning how to monetize your blog to the basics of how to create a Media Kit. Her posts are thorough, thoughtful, and her podcasts always feature some amazing people in the industry. You should definitely check her out!

mostly morgan.png

Mostly Morgan-- @morgantimm

If you need one blog post that is basically the Ultimate guide on how to start a blog, this blogger is for you! Her post was one of the first I read through her Pinterest and following her rules have definitely made a difference for me! Her website is extremely easy to navigate and she is one of the younger bloggers who just started out and is ready to give out all the advice she has learned. Her college blogs are also a lifesaver for those interested in college blogging. 


Jenna Kutcher-- @jennakutcher

Famous for her love of mac and cheese, naps, yoga pants and puppies, Jenna Kutcher is an amazing resource if you are interested in growing your blog readers through Pinterest and Instagram engagement. Her blog marketing tips are simple enough to follow and as a photographer herself, she makes her blog and Pinterest a one-stop shop for everything a newbie blogger needs! Plus, she is a huge advocate of self-love, I AM OBSESSED!


Kotryna Bass--

A 24-year-old solo entrepreneur, Kotryna is a young woman running her own business while helping others with some bomb blog tips! Her website is a one-stop shop for blogging and business tips. She shares blog posts on freelancing her web design business and she also has her own blog consulting service (talk about multi-faceted)! I made sure to also sign up for her newsletter because more often than not, she has most of my questions answered in her newsletter. 


Marianna  Hewitt-- (@BlogWithMe)

If you want to be a blogger, one of the first Instagram pages I suggest you follow immediately, is the Blog With Me Instagram page. This Instagram page has become such a huge lifesaver! Every time I need a question answered Marianna (a fashion blogger who runs the page) is always ready with a quick response or a post at hand. The #BLOGWITHME family is a community full of newbie bloggers and seasoned bloggers willing to help with your blog questions and give advice. The feed is also so pretty and I love how Marianna personally responds to comments and answers all our questions. 

The Blogger Space

The Blogger Space-- @thebloggerspace

Another Instagram page that post a lot of blog tips is the Blogger Space. Their Instagram captions and pictures are usually geared towards several blogging tips and tricks necessary for newbie bloggers. They also feature some amazing bloggers so if you ever need some inspiration, The Blogger Space is your go-to!

Blogs 101 (1a).jpg

BloggingBasics101-- @bloggingbasics

As the name suggests, this site is perfect for you if you're just starting out with blogging. On this site, you'll learn everything from the legal use of logos on your blog to re-purposing your blog posts into new types of content. When I need some help with the more complicated parts of blogging... the blogging basics is my go-to!


Maryam Salam-- @itsmaryamsalam

I have been following Maryam for awhile now and her Monday blog posts are always a must read! She posts some really great tips for newbie bloggers ranging from how to work with brands to tips and tricks for Instagram engagement. She is also currently giving away free blog consultation every Wednesday for the next two weeks so if you need that, GO HEAD TO HER WEBSITE!

the odditty logo.jpg

Sofiyat Ibrahim-- @the_odditty

Last but not least, ME!!! I could not do a "how to blog" blogger post and not include myself, and although I am just starting with this, I hope to get better at sharing the few things I have learned and what I am currently learning through my blogging journey. Being a newbie blogger is not easy! So any help one can get is greatly appreciated!

If you know any other bloggers I should be following, please leave a comment! Also, let me know what other posts you would want me to write!