The Ultimate Fall Semester Survival Guide ft. InfluenceHer Fall Essentials Kit + Advice from Current College Students

Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten
— BF Skinner
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Scott Fitzgerald once said, "life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall." He was right! The fall semester indeed signifies new beginnings for a lot of college students- for some it’s the beginning of a new journey aka Freshman year and for others, it’s the beginning of the end of their college career, I see you CLASS of FALL 2018! 

I am one of those weird ones who loves school and fall semester as ultimately always been my favorite semester! Coming right off the heels of summer break, fall to me was an opportunity to start afresh, and I relished in that! This year, I am somewhat on the other side looking in as a new graduate student, but I still think the same rules apply and that's why I really wanted to write this post. For the incoming freshman- read carefully and till the end, because this post is definitely going to help you succeed in your first semester, and for my seasoned college folks, read carefully as well, but also continue the conversation in the comments so I can learn, so we all can learn. 

With that being said, below are a few tips and tricks to help you survive the fall semester with a surprise at the end!!


This is by far one of the most important things you should be doing as a college student and what will potentially save you a lot of time and headache trust me! Get organized pretty early, so you have a clear understanding of what you need to get done as the semester progresses. I am not someone who loved using planners, but I began to learn, and it’s been way easier planning ahead. However, if you don't like planners, try something different. There are several apps out there that will help you stay organized through the semester- you need them! The first week of classes mainly in the fall are often slow and introductory, but once school kicks in, it often feels like you're on a roller coaster that has refused to stop! Stay ahead of the game by getting yourself organized pretty quickly. 

Prioritize! Prioritize! Prioritize!

You're in college now, and it is definitely really different from high school we all know that. There is so much freedom with your college classes that often times we often forget what is essential and why we are in college in the first place. Learn to prioritize and keep to it. I don't suggest you never party, trust me I thoroughly enjoyed my college life, but I was always also good at prioritizing the days I went out to have fun and other days when I knew I had big deadlines coming up. You will have the most significant case of FOMO (fear of missing out) a couple of times, but I will take a couple of instances of FOMO any day over failing a class... right?

Mix and Mingle with your Professors

There have been several times in college where my relationship with my professor was the determining factor in whether I finished the class with a B or an A and that's me merely being honest. Of course, I did my work in every class, but I also always made sure that I got to know my professors because they honestly want to get to know you too (at least some of them). Take the chance and go to their office hours and appreciate them by calling them by their names and speaking once in a while. I promise, it will go a long way.

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Make a friend... maybe two

I don't know how I would have survived school without the friends who I met in college, the ones who I am still friends with and the ones who I don't talk to anymore. Honestly, my college friendships were sort of a roller coaster, but I will not trade those experiences for the world and you should not either! Make friends during those four, maybe five years not only because you will need someone to vent to about a terrible professor but also because you need bridesmaids for your future wedding *wink wink* so go out and get you some friends!

Get Involved

Getting involved on my college campus was single-handedly one of the best decisions I ever made as a student. It opened me up to so many opportunities that I just would not have known were available if I had not been involved on campus. Join a sorority or fraternity if that's what interests you, attend a multicultural organizations event to broaden your horizon, introduce yourself to the showrunners at your university. Do something to get involved in campus culture and enjoy your undergraduate and graduate experience.

Now, I mentioned earlier that I had a surprise at the end of my post and here it is



Haha! I did not want to be the only one sharing some knowledge about college and the fall semester with you all, so I asked some friends for advice on surviving the fall semester. They have been so gracious to share some of that advice with us so here are a few current college students and what they had to say...

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There are three non-negotiables to conquer Fall semester- sleep, nutrition, and hygiene. It sounds silly, but remember to do the following, no matter how hard you study: Get adequate rest *every night*. Nurture your body with real food and water. Finally, practice wellness with an uncompromising daily routine- Joy Ofodu, University of Southern California Class of 2018.

Find people to surround yourself with that are positive and uplifting! They can help you through the stress of school and life. They can also be there of course for when you want to have fun as well- Nikki Paige, North Carolina State University

Fall semesters, on average, are longer than spring. Take advantage of this and try to have the same routine every week. When it comes to exams and graded assignments, study for the first test like it is your final exam so when you see that 100% that your effort gets, you can manage how to study more effectively throughout the semester- Rachel M. Lautigar, Class of 2020

Fall always serves as a barometer for how well my year goes, understand that when you're going into the year and remember that continuous improvement is the lesson here- Azeez Afolami, Ryerson University

Fall is a transitional period-- so capitalize on the changing environment to adjust your own habits. Spread out your workloads over a series of days to avoid burnout. Also, write out your goals and make time to reflect on them. Journaling is a common and effective way to relieve stress while realizing where progress can be made- Ben Messner, UL Lafayette

Self-care isn't just important, it's crucial. Take time throughout the semester to reset, focus, and most importantly love yourself. You deserve the best life- Artavion Cook, Class of 2020

It takes work to have a balanced life, but it is so important for your mental health and happiness! Schedule in yoga, art classes, brunch with friends, and take time out to explore your city. It will help you grow academically and as a person too- Sefa Yakpo, MIT

Make your professors know you. By attending office hours and regularly speaking in class, you show your professors that you care about their class, and in turn, they will care about your progress- Kemi Ajala, Masters Student

Do not get so wrapped up in the social aspect of college that you forget about your academics. It is important to take breaks and have fun, but do not forget why you are also there- Cameron Parsons, Uni. of Louisiana at Lafayette

Get involved on campus so you have better opportunities to learn how to manage your time and also expose yourselfto fun new experiences- Turquoise Webber, Class of 2020

Put all your tests, review days, important meetings, due dates and work schedule in your planner as soon as possible. Having an overview of the week/month can help make sure you are using your time wisely- Whitney Melancon, Class of 2018

Continue to have an open mind about the environment that you're in but remember your values. For these values will keep you as you grow into the leader you're destined to be- Vickie J. Class of 2019/20

Never be afraid to go to a club meeting alone! Getting involved is such a great way to spend your college experience- Erin, SUNY Geneseo

During the fall semester, make sure to not only study for your classes, but get connected to campus life. Join a club, a sorority, or do community service to meet new friends and make the most of your experience- Makaela Premont, USC College of Pharmacy

Hey! I specifically reached out to these people because they have in some way inspired me through my college journey and watching them conquer life one step at a time is incredibly fulfilling! I also have one more surprise for you all

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