Embracing Self-Love: Happy Valentine's Day ft Whole Foods Market

It is not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It is necessary.
— Mandy Hale
Photography by-  Kyle Dupre

Photography by- Kyle Dupre

It is that time of the year... a time of love! February brings back a lot of memories for me especially during Valentine's day, and one memory in particular always cracks me up. I had this major crush on a guy called Maleek in high school, and I was super nervous for days leading up to valentine's day. Fast forward to February 14th, and Maleek comes up to me with a rose and a card with some leftover money in it (I think he forgot to take out the change from when he bought the card) haha. I was so shy and excited and could not believe that little old me was his valentine (Maleek if you are reading this.. hey!!). That solidified what I expected on Valentine's from then on. Flowers, roses and the like.

Since Maleek, Valentine's has been huge for me; I always expected something from someone else if I was in a relationship and when I was single, I ended up neglecting myself. Going through social media and seeing all the lovey-dovey posts would have made me feel sad but now... now I just feel content with who I am. Yes I am single, and I am okay with it, and if I were in a relationship, I would be okay with that too. This post isn't about bashing couples for celebrating valentine's day Nah, far from it... It's praising us, single ladies, instead, who are slowly learning to love ourselves for all our quirks and imperfections which means that on valentine's day, we should aim to practice more self-love rather than wallow in singlehood because nope! We are not doing that today!

And, I know self-love is something we all struggle with, I the more lately and I have been actively trying to find out more ways to better serve myself and my body.  That's why I have partnered with Whole Foods Market to bring you guys a couple of goodies that I am going to use to treat myself this valentine's day. 

So if you are as single as a pringle like me, or you are in a relationship, here are a couple of goodies you can buy from your local Whole Foods store to spice up your self-love routine or simply just to relax...

celebrating valentines day

Get yourself a facemask and lounge around eating desserts

Yes! You read that right. Find out what facemasks are golden for your skin and take some time to relax and lounge around wearing a facemask while eating some sweet dessert. For me, I decided to get this honey-coated facemask with a couple of macaroons. I'll be lounging around the house catching up on some shows while also giving my skin a breather... WIN! WIN!

self love on valentines day

Bath Bomb Mania

For my ladies who love a good bath, GET A BATH BOMB! There is nothing more fulfilling (okay maybe I am a tad bit dramatic), but there is nothing more fulfilling than running a hot bath and relaxing your muscles. It de-stresses you but also makes you feel fancy, and if you are not into bath bombs, bath salts or any relaxing moisturizer works as well! I got a couple of heart-shaped bath bombs from my local Whole foods market. Can't wait to use them! 

happy self love valentines

Chocolate and Flowers for the Queen in you

It is valentine's day of course so we simply cannot forget chocolate and flowers! You can make it extra special by buying some roses and chocolate bars for yourself. I don't like chocolate, so I usually prefer to stick with mini cupcakes or some other desserts, but again this can be a day for you! Find out what you love and enjoy your day!

whole foods market valentines
whole foods market valentines
self love

Towards the end of my shopping trip, I had filled my Whole Foods bag with all the essentials that I knew I needed to have a great time and celebrate myself. If you want to enjoy your valentine's day run down to your local Whole Foods, catch some amazing sales going on and treat yourself! It is the day of love, isn't it? 

Love Sofi.

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