Styling My First Pair of Adidas Superstars

I am not the most frugal person when it comes to shopping but I am also not as carefree in spending some hard-earned money on casual outfits. I think I even shed a tear as I swiped my debit card to pay for these shoes- and yes, I am that dramatic. 

adidas-superstars-on-women-fashion-melanin-black women style

Styling these shoes surprisingly came easy! I loved the simplicity of the shoes and wanted to accentuate that and so I decided to style them with this off-shoulder dress I got from my local thrift shop (see! told y'all I am frugal) and added some pearls to accessorize.

adidas women-sneakers-black girl-style
style-adidas women sneakers-black girl
adidas women superstars
smiling black girl-adidas superstars-style-fashion

P.S. If you think I nailed this look, let me know in the comments below!

P.P.S. this shoot was my best one yet! Had so much fun!