SHOWSTOPPER Ankara Print Dress + Detachable Train

Style is a way of saying who you are, without having to speak
— Rachel Zoe
smiling african with ankara dress

As a young woman, the first thing I have learnt to do when I wake up in the morning is to dress myself with confidence. The sort of confidence that shows through in the way I walk, talk, and most importantly DRESS. I now know that what I think of myself is much more important than what people think of me and I have firmly begun to make this my daily mantra. We all have those days where we cannot be bothered and are simply frustrated in how we look. HELL! Half the time I struggle with looking decent enough to want to go outside and face the day. 

red ankara style dress

However, human perfection is overrated but a perfect dress? now that's a different story.

The beauty of this African-print dress with the added train detail was that it made me feel like a showstopper. I clearly was on another planet because I was sizzling hot in this dress, I could act like I was wearing an invisible crown and ooze the type of confidence people can only dream of.

I wore my confidence and my outfit the best way I could and I think I slayed, do you? 

ankara style dress
ankara nigerian fashion dress
short ankara dress
african queen ankara style dress