Personal Style Guide 101- Perfect Casual Outfit

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Happy Tuesday!

I have definitely been slacking on the fashion blog posts but I AM BACK!!  I am refreshed and energized and can't wait to share all I have been going through in my next Dear Diary post. With all that being said, I missed you all so much and it feels like I have not written in forever (I apologize for being dramatic), so let's dive in, shall we?

I have definitely struggled with finding my personal style (this could be because my savings and checking accounts are struggling #Collegestudentstruggles) but in recent times I have noticed how much I love certain styles or colors and patterns. I would be starting this series on my personal style and showing how to get clothes on a bargain while also looking hip and stylish (cause we all broke let's be honest).  

Everything I am wearing in this post cost me about 40 dollars in total from Ross- except the shoes, those cost a fortune. It was surprisingly easy to pair these pieces together because I loved the colors and the bomber jacket was just what I needed for a pop of subtle color! I hope yall enjoy these series and I can't wait to write my next one! 

P.S- They were on sale at Ross so I am sorry if they aren't there anymore :(

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black girl in blue jeans and white top
Outfit Details-     Jacket/Jeans/Top- RossDressForLess    Shoes- Adidas

Outfit Details- 

Jacket/Jeans/Top- RossDressForLess

Shoes- Adidas

Photographer- Kwesithethird