My First Fashion Week ft. Ulta Beauty

NY Fashion week beauty bar

Hey guys, I’m finally back in Virginia and definitely need a huge nap after fashion week this weekend. I know you’re probably confused because you are a fashion aficionado and know that NYFW was a couple of weeks ago, well I wasn’t at NYFW, I was at CFW- College Fashion Week with HerCampus and it was an incredible time. And, in this post you are going to see why.

We got the opportunity to cover College Fashion week in partnership with Ulta Beauty and it was an experience I would never forget. From meeting the models, to having fun at the Ulta beauty bar, your girl was on cloud nine all weekend. This was my first fashion week event ever, I was giddy and brimming with enthusiasm walking through the door of the Brooklyn Studios at City Point, New York. We were immediately greeted with bags of goodies and when I tell you my mouth began to water from these bags! We had so many products by the HerCampus sponsors, Primark, EOS, Ulta beauty and others and I can’t wait to use them all.

Following the VIP hour mingling, and yes, I was VIP and it felt good! I am basically a celebrity now ahaha! We were given the opportunity to mingle with other influencers and Her Campus chapter members. Let me just point out that this venue was super instagrammable! From the EOS ball pit full of chapsticks, to the Ulta Beauty bar and Primark fashion closets, I was having the time of my life.

Soon, the main event started and with every girl power song known to man playing in the background, the #RealRunway models took to the catwalk and strutted their stuff! What was super cool about this? Well, this year, HerCampus decided to use real college women as their models to support diversity and inclusivity in fashion and I was in awe! The models were amazing and as “Run the World” played in the background (amazing DJ btw), these models truly walked liked they ran the world!

After the show, I made sure I stopped by the Ulta Beauty Bar because we all know that Ulta Beauty slogan, All Things Beauty, All in One Place. I was not going to miss the opportunity to get my beauty fix!

After stopping by, my friends and I danced the night away and proceeded to have a great time. I genuinely had such a fun experience and for my first fashion event, I give it a definite 10/10.

A huge thank you to Ulta Beauty for sponsoring this little odd girl! If you would like to watch a video recap, click the video below to watch my vlog on CFW!

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