I Spent My 20th Birthday Alone at The Movies- Here's 5 Reasons Why

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P.S HUGE Spoiler Alert about a death in Wonder Woman. 

Okay, now that the spoiler alert is out of the way... Let's dive into this blog post, shall we?

A few people after reading this blog title either went, Aw, she is so lonely, or immediately thought that spending one's birthday alone at the movies is incredibly sad. However, I am not lonely or sad, at least I don't think I am. My choice to go to the movies alone on my 20th should not be considered a brave decision or something embarrassing for me to speak about. In fact, I implore a lot more people to go to the movies alone at least once in their lives. My choice to go on my birthday was purely coincidental with how I was feeling that day and here are five of those reasons why I chose that day to go.

  1. I needed a break from "everything" and once in awhile, we all need that shut out from the outside world. I wanted to take this special day and make it something for me and that only I could enjoy.
  2. Going to the movies alone is the most liberating thing you could possibly do as a young female. I felt so independent knowing it was just me and no one else and although this might sound a tad bit dramatic, the experience was phenomenal. 
  3. I wanted to. Yes, it is as simple as that. I wanted to be myself and focus on me and it was refreshing.
  4. I got to sit wherever I wanted! It was like I had all the freedom in the world on my birthday.
  5. Lastly, I could scream and yell at the screen all by myself and no one would care about my mini breakdown when Steve died in Wonder woman...oops...spoiler alert, yes he died, and yes I yelled and threw a popcorn kernel at the screen. 

Okay so there you have it, my five reasons for going solo to the movies and if you aren't convinced that going to the movies alone is empowering, I dare you to try it! I had such an awesome time and I don't understand why it is such a big deal. 

Let me know in the comments if you have ever gone to the movies alone before... and if you haven't, Let me know what you think about going to the movies alone because I loved it. 


Photography- Kwesithethird