How to Set Achievable Goals for the New Year

Motivation gets you going and habit gets you there
— Zig Ziglar
Photography by-  @praya1

Photography by- @praya1

I think the most popular question I always get always has something to do with how I can possibly do it all and still have a life. But, before we get into that I want to clear something up first- the elephant in the room if you will.

I know January 1st was a long time ago and honestly, I recognize that if anyone is still saying Happy New Year at this time they should be fined. However, I am also sure about two things. I am sure that you are either killing your supposed "New Year Goals” like you should or you’re like me and our New Year actually starts in February cause January is definitely just a stepping stone! And if this is you, this post is definitely for us folks that recognize that February is the new New Year!


Now to dive into the post… wink wink

I have always been a huge fan of the New Year simply because it lets me hit the reset button. Every year, I set goals for myself- long and short term and for that year, on December 31st or sometimes mid January (don’t judge me) whether I hit the goals or not… I hit the reset button and its a way to let me live again.

I learned really quickly how important it is to set goals for yourself but not just goals- ACHIEVABLE GOALS. I am sure you’re already wondering what that even means. Well, I am here to explain! Setting goals can be equated to having dreams. When you dream of something its often a far-off entity that you need to work really hard for. For example, I sometimes dream that one day I might own my own NGO. This is both a dream of mine and a goal. Now, this year I know damn well I cannot achieve this dream/goal of mine so its unachievable right now (see what I did there?) In this case, I can put down starting an NGO as a long-term goal- a personal motivation. And making a connection with someone at an NGO as my achievable goal for the year. It could also simply be getting a summer internship at my dream company. If I play my cards right, this is achievable too.

It’s simple really. Every new year I challenge myself to achieve something. Anything. I set out goals both long and short term with the sole idea that they are absolutely achievable and every year, I astonish even myself.

In 2017, My goal was to finally start a blog and I did. (Hey, you’re reading this on the blog I started!)

In 2018, My goal was simply to graduate. I did. (Hey! Guess who is already getting her masters!!)

These were just a few larger goals I had, but like everything in life, it is necessary to have small goals as well. I will be candid and share that I didn’t always meet my goals but the fact that they were there helped me in realizing how much I wanted my dreams to come true.

Setting your goals for 2019.jpg

However, let’s be clear, to set achievable goals does not guarantee that they will be met, because I still find myself terrified of the possibilities of not meeting any of my goals.

BUT, a wise person once said, if you aren’t scared of your dreams, then they are not big enough. My dreams for 2019 are both terrifying and amazing and yet, I am simply elated to put my feet to the ground and start getting ready to make it work. I am going to choose to achieve these goals. Just like you are choosing to achieve yours.

Pushing your 2019 goals.jpg

So its time to buckle down and start setting some goals for the new year and I wanted to share my process in setting some of my goals…


Lets begin…


For your goal to be achievable, it has to be realistic. Be realistic in your goals for the new year both long and short term. If you know you are broke, don’t be setting a goal to own a Lamborghini before the end of the year… unless well kudos to you if you pull that off but ya know… be realistic. Set a goal that you know if you work really hard for you can achieve it and don’t forget to put in the necessary work.


I remember I once set a goal that I genuinely didn’t even care about. I set it because it was expected of me and when I didn’t reach that goal, it did not come as a surprise to me because I knew deep down, I did not really want it. Set goals that light you up inside and fill you with passion. Push yourself and dream big. Go for your deepest dreams, desires, and passions. Know what you were put on earth to do and race after it with vigor. For you to meet your goals you have to be passionate about it.


Now we both know you can’t set goals and then hide it under your bed for good luck. NAH! Keep your goal visible at all times to remind yourself that there is a finish line and you should be racing towards it with vigor! You can tape it to your bedside or on the fridge. Set alarms to help you keep track of your goals… A constant reminder is all you need to light that fire inside you!


Once you realize that your journey is not going to be a smooth one it lets you plan ahead for those roadblocks that might appear. Make lists of potentials roadblocks, opposition or challenges so when they do appear, you are squared up for them!

Setting your dreams and goals.jpg

I hope those few tips are gonna help you begin to set actionable goals for the new year. They aren’t rocket science and they are pretty easy to follow. And to be sure we hold each other accountable, you have some homework.

Set 1 long term achievable goal for the New Year and 2 short term achievable goals. Go on. Write it down in the comments below or if you’re shy, write in your diary. I’ll go first.

My long term goal is to finally take that French Language Immersion Program (LEARN FRENCH)

My short term goals are to travel one country by myself this year and honestly, finally finish and polish my resume (I have been procrastinating y’all).

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Can’t wait to read your goals if you decide to share them and Thank you so much for always showing love and reading this post- don’t forget to share and subscribe!

Love always and even though I am super late, HAPPY NEW YEAR,

Sofi :)