How I Go To Grad School For Free

Registrar- Time to pay for Grad School
Me- I have three dollars.
Photo by-  Mayowa

Photo by- Mayowa

School is my safe haven. It’s always been the only thing I was sure of whether it's because of the structure it provides or only because the people I have met in school have been irreplaceable. Whatever it is, I knew after graduating College that I wasn’t ready for actual adulting yet and wanted to continue schooling.

With my interest in pursuing another degree came the fact that I also knew I could not afford another degree. As an international student, Grad School tuition is ridiculous. I knew I was not able to afford the luxury that is paying for my education and I needed to find other ways to make it work.

Of course, there are scholarships, grants and other incentives that exist to make your degree more affordable, but what if it wasn’t just affordable? What if you were able to get it for next to nothing? I needed to get my degree at no cost to my pocket and here is how I did it and a few other ways that you could too.

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Scholarships and GRANTS

I know I already mentioned these, but I had to say this twice. You should definitely look for scholarships and grants! And, if you get these combined- you are on your way to a free ride. It might be difficult to find one scholarship or grant that is going to cover the entirety of your tuition and other fees, but it does not hurt to try. There are several topic, gender, race, location-specific scholarships and grants available in any area, so try your luck with those.

Go Through the phd route

I was pretty sure I was not gonna be getting a PHd, but at some point, I was seriously contemplating it. Why? Because most Ph.D. programs PAY YOU to go through their program. Now, You have to have your ish together and know exactly what you want to study and be a fantastic candidate but I already assume you are phenomenal. If doing a Ph.D. is not something that is so far off for you then try it! Go through the Ph.D. route and get PAID!!


This is how I am paying for school and is often the least searched means of paying for graduate school. I am currently getting free accommodation, as well as tuition paid in my degree and job and that is because of the graduate job I got and searched for. Most Universities employ graduate students with some tuition/all tuition paid, and most students miss out on these opportunities by not searching. Graduate assistantships in Student affairs, athletics, academics, and administrative offices at most universities offer many jobs that could qualify you to take classes for free if you’re full-time. Don’t plan on this being a smooth ride, though since most of these means you’re juggling full-time course load and a job. Keep that in mind.

Are there any other ways to go to school for free? I know ether are lots more so comment a couple that you know and let's keep the resources coming!

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