The New Blogger Guide: How to Blog Consistently

Consistency is not rocket science, it is commitment
— Mattie Logie
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Hey guys! Guess who is back! Back again! Meeee (lol)

I genuinely love writing because I often feel like I am talking to you personally and that's pretty cool. So, I have been pouring out ideas lately on where I want to take the blog, and for some reason, all I could think about was getting this post out of the way and just write to you guys on this particular topic.

And the topic is... *drum roll please* 


Yeah, I know, the title of the post gave it away, but I can still have some fun come on! 

Anyways... Every blogger knows/hears this term once you start out with your blog. It is one of the most consistently (see what I did there) used words in the blogging world especially by successful bloggers. And this is for a good reason too because loyalty can be fleeting online and often times to maintain your audience’s attention you need to push out content consistently! 

However, I notice that as newbie bloggers, one usually makes the mistakes of creating content consistently without realizing that several other things need to be in place with consistency to fully achieve success. 

The fact of the matter is that consistency is key to becoming a successful blogger however, you can pour out all the content your heart desires and still not achieve the success that you think you should have, and this is for multiple reasons. 

Blogging is a beast and requires a ridiculous amount of active work that most people often do not realize until too late. We make the mistake of pouring out content that lacks several other necessary tools in the name of trying to be consistent which ends up leading to our downfall (this sounds way too dramatic). Basically, blogging can be done successfully when you're consistent, but success doesn't merely come because you are consistent, with these other few tips I will provide below, blogging consistently can become easier and more successful.

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Consistency plus Quality

One thing that I see affect bloggers a lot is pushing out content without a mind for the QUALITY of that content. For those bloggers who you see succeeding, take some notes out of their book! Their pages are often clean, they create particular posts catering to their niches and most times the quality of their content is just phenomenal! Some might suggest that that is because they've had time to curate their content. However, if you want to be considered a serious blogger, the quality of your work is vital. Create an aesthetically pleasing page, create strategic content, and promote the strategic content, etc. Building a solid foundation with quality content will help you in the long run and skyrocket you straight up to the top! There is no excuse not to create excellent quality now. Using websites like Squarespace to create a stunning blog page, getting incredible free images from sites like Unsplash, and taking advantage of the numerous resources from bloggers like these will push you in the right direction, so use these resources and create great content!

Consistency PLUS Momentum

The blogging industry changes weekly even daily. Life as one blogger is often different from the life of another blogger, and this is why even with being consistent, you have to stand out by also building some sort of momentum around your blog. Droning out content without some kind of buildup can be seen as overloading, and your readers might not like that as much! Think about ways to build momentum as you create posts! Keep your readers engaged maybe through giveaways, video sneak peaks of content that is to come, surprise guests on your blog, etc. These things will engage your readers while also building momentum around your posts. Success like they say, is like a snowball, it takes momentum to build and the more you roll in the right direction, the bigger it gets. However, how you act when you start to reach a certain level of momentum will dictate how far you also go as a blogger in getting to that success. Make sure to keep that momentum going! It can be tiring but remember you are headed to victory and enjoy that ride in the process. Never forget to have fun while building momentum and P.S it is also okay to take breaks!

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Show some love by pinning this graphic!

Consistency PLUS direction

So, you have been strategically creating content, but you have no set goals or a clear direction! WHAAA?? Nope! We have to start over because you need that direction. Begin to track your analytics regularly and measure how those consistent strategic posts are doing! Find out what specific content your audience is loving and begin to create more content tailored to what they are interested in! This will help you start to follow a clear direction and continue to build a consistent brand while you are at it. Remember also to set reasonable goals- long and short term. Set reasonable long-term goals that you are sure you can adhere to, because what is a goal without actually meeting it! At the end of the day, having the feedback from your site analytics will help you set reasonable goals that will end up pushing you in the right direction--- we'll all be on board the blogging success train!

and finally,


So, you have been consistent forever! You pour out strategic content every day (go you!), focus on quality and you have a plan but DUN DUN DUN! You tire out pretty quickly! It is fine! It happens to the best of us. Being consistent can become draining, and as bloggers, the push to continually create content is apparent especially when you are a student or have multiple jobs and/or you just can't do this full time! Again, that is fine. You are human, and you need your rest! Make sure you get the necessary breaks when you need it BUT do not forget to communicate those breaks to your audience/readers. At this point they love you, they are loyal, and they will be worried sick of course! Always communicate when you merely need, and they will understand (hopefully). Do not take too long and come back like a storm, so they remember how much they missed you!!

That's it, folks! My tips for the bloggers who need that extra oomph when it comes to being consistent! These tips can also be utilized with any other type of social media platform! I hope you loved this post because if you did, please don’t forget to share so you could help someone else and they can like the post as well! Can't wait to continue creating "consistent" content *wink wink* for you all!


Sofi :)

P.S. Are you consistent with your blog? Do you think you could do better? and if you do not have a blog, How do you stay consistent?