My Goals for Fall 2017 Ft. BabaAfrik Shahlini Headwrap

Shahlini: A sensitive and emotional lady with a very charming manner, who is eager to please and be liked in return. 


With the end of summer 2017,  I can't help but reminisce on how amazing my summer was. Starting a blog, landing brand deals that I never thought possible and building a family of people that are always showing me constant love...  It sure has been a phenomenal summer!

Now, school has resumed, the leaves are beginning to fall and as I laid in bed the other day listening to Asa's album Beautiful Imperfection, I could not help but think of what the rest of 2017 would hold for me. Fall is my favorite time of the year and I am hoping this fall brings bigger and better opportunities. To start off my fall, Baba Afrik, was kind enough to send me a head-wrap from their new culture collection and we even got a DISCOUNT CODE. I was super excited to try on their head-wraps and especially during the days that I don't have my hair done, it is the best way to look stylish without spending a lot of money! I usually rock my headwraps during the break between summer and fall because the weather changes are always so damaging to my hair. Being stylish with a head-wrap while protecting my hair is a win-win.

 I am hoping this fall brings more opportunities and so here are a few goals I have for FALL 2017! 

Reach 5000 followers on Instagram

This is a big one for me. On March 17th, I started @the_odditty from scratch and as of today we are almost at 3500. That is over 3000 people interested in what I have to say and who care about what I go through and choose to support me. It is incredible to me and I would always be thankful. My goal for the summer was to reach 1500 by September and I have exceeded those expectations and I am forever grateful. So, this fall, I want to reach 5000 people and not just for the numbers but genuine people who see something in me and who I can interact with and share myself with. So here is to 5000 by the end of the fall! 

Post Two Blog Posts Every Week

I feel like I am reaching with trying to post two blog posts with classes and a job but I hope to do so this fall once school has settled down. I also hope to share more blogging tips and college blog posts.  

Perfect A Pinterest Strategy

I have been messing with Pinterest for the past few months and I hope to finally have it down pat! It has been the most frustrating platform for me especially over the summer so I am hoping I get a hang of it this fall. If anyone has any advice for me with regards to Pinterest please let me know! You can also follow my pinterest page @the_odditty. Let me know what you think... it is a work in progress. 

Learn a Third Language

I might also be reaching here but I hope to finally try to perfect my Spanish this fall. I tried over the summer but life happened and it got pushed to the background! I also feel like I have not had a lot of time to learn a new language but who knows! Fall 2017 just might be the time for a third language!

Send Out My Monthly Newsletter

I sent out my first newsletter this past month and the feedback was amazing! Thanks to everyone who subscribed to this odditty! I hope to keep it up and who knows, I might include some secret giveaway in my September newsletter so SUBSCRIBE!

I have several other goals but we might have to leave those for the winter! Let me know what your goals are for the fall. Leave me a comment sharing a few of your goals! Supporting each other is always the best way forward. Don't forget to check out the BabaAfrik Culture Collection for some gorgeous head-wraps! I love mine!