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Embracing YOUR INNER "CATFISH" #Part1

Embracing YOUR INNER "CATFISH" #Part1

You are either as beautiful or as ugly as you believe you are. You define your beauty

Are you Sick?

Are you Tired??

NO! Its just my face

Before I started blogging, I could never be bothered to wear makeup everyday unless it was for a major occasion. It just seemed like a hassle to keep up with "foundations" and "setting powders" during the day when I could go about my day "Au naturale". I was extremely comfortable in my own skin and I loved the freedom my actual "no-makeup makeup" look gave me. With blogging however, came great responsibilities and I realized I had to begin to "Look good" every time to take a decent picture. This definition of "looking good" was then a huge problem.  I could not take pictures without a full face of makeup on because that was immediately "not good enough" for Instagram or my website. I began to worry about how I could look better and in turn began to believe that my natural skin simply wouldn't cut it. 

The definition of "looking good" was the problem.

We are all familiar with the questions every time we have no makeup on. The "Are you sick? or Are you Tired" questions are noticeably asked the moment we are bare-faced and for anyone not confident enough in themselves, those questions tend to hurt. Embracing your natural skin and beauty is never easy, and with a society "hell-bent" on shoving eyebrows and full lips in our faces, we are bound to feel less than we truly are. Its OKAY! its Okay to wear your natural face and it is okay to "beat your face", but the key here is understanding your true beauty, WITH OR WITHOUT that $250 makeup.

Its OKAY! its Okay to wear your natural face and it is okay to "beat your face", but the key here is understanding your true beauty

Embracing what makes us beautiful because we are OUR MOST BEAUTIFUL when are skin is free takes a long time. And I would never antagonize those who wear makeup everyday because it is their choice and well, I wear makeup religiously. However, believing that with or without makeup, I AM BEAUTIFUL, is the essential lesson to this post. With makeup on, I can be whoever i want to be, I can have a "cat eye" or a "cut crease" and I can have "full-coverage" or "light-coverage" but underneath all that "CATFISHING" is a gem and I hope you never forget that. 

Dear Diary  #1 (WEEK FROM HELL)

Dear Diary #1 (WEEK FROM HELL)