Dear Diary #2 (Still searching for a niche)

Not Until We Are Lost Do We Begin To Find Ourselves
— Anonymous
ankara girls

As a new blogger in the "blogger-sphere", and yes I just made that word up. The first thing I had to learn pretty quickly was the importance of having a "niche". What is a niche you might ask? well from my understanding, it is the particular thing that sets you apart from all the other billion bloggers out there. This realization that I needed to have a "niche" quickly became a problem because now, I had to figure out WHAT MY NICHE WAS?

This is a question I spent all of this week trying to decipher. I struggled with trying to narrow down all the things I am good at- and yes I just bragged that I am good at everything- (humble brags) and set apart the things that could make it different. I read up on blogs by ThinkPoppy and FisayoLonge on Instagram to try to get some inspiration and I think I finally found it!

Wanna know what I found out? I do not have a niche and although I wish I did after awhile I realized I want to dabble in everything and see where that guides me. I do not know if this is the right decision but it is one I made for myself. A lot of times when we are starting something new we tend to over research and try to be like everyone else. 

So I have decided to actively start following my own path! Maybe I do not have a niche but I am myself which I believe is a difference in its won accord, some might even say I could be  a "Jill of all trades".