Dear Diary #1 (WEEK FROM HELL)

It is just a bad week, not a bad life.

Hey Guys, 

I started the 'ODD TALKS' so that I could have an avenue to share my life with you all in hopes that you could also help me improve myself. This week I began making some life-changing decisions on who I needed to have in my life and who didn't need to matter anymore. I woke up in the morning ready to face the day and started living for myself. I realized for the first time that I couldn't please everybody and I shouldn't be expected to, I could only do what was right for me and no-one else. 

The first thing I started doing differently this week was listening to "THE MEDITATION PLAYLIST" by Blogger Shelah Marie. This helped me realize how fast paced I had begun to look at several things in my life. I needed a "Chill pill" and this playlist was a much needed one. 

Check that out on Spotify it is a must! 

Well that is all this week has been. I started getting into meditation and relaxing more and I also started a new job which I would write about next week. 


Love, TheOdditty