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College Move-In day survival guide

When I first moved into my dorm room in September of 2014, I remember how much of a hot mess my move-in day was. I was not prepared for the chaos that move-in day is, keep in mind, I am international so I moved my whole life. There was also no guides or check lists that I could have seen that might have prepared me and I honestly wished I had someone who could guide me through that process. That is where I come in!! As a RA (Residential Assistant) and a senior in College, I have been through six move-in days and I have seen everything under the sun so go get some popcorn, put on some comfy socks (I love socks) and let's dive into my tips for move-in day!


Move-in day is a whole lot of craziness so my first advice to you would be to BE PUNCTUAL. A lot of Universities give allotted time slots for move-in day and these times are set for a reason. Make sure you are arriving at the time allotted to you and be efficient in getting your stuff unloaded. Coming early or late throws everyone off schedule and before you know it, the lines are backed up and you are struggling with your boxes at 4pm that evening instead of 10am in the morning...yes that happens. So, make sure you are watching the time the entire day, and you are punctual. When I moved in, I dismissed my move-in time and ended up struggling all day to move-in. I got in a lot of peoples ways and ended up being late to my first program. The result: me struggling by myself to move-in and I also lost first pick of space in my room which sucked. 


This is one of the most important things you will need to ensure your move-in goes as smooth as possible. At my university, carts are provided along with huge cardboard boxes but this isn't common in a lot of universities so make sure you are prepared. Lifting your heavy fridge or television can get you hot and sweaty and ruin the flow of move-in process so make sure you account for that and pack accordingly. My dolly was amazing because it made it easier for me to transport all my heavier items without breaking my back. 

take a breather

If you are early and you have finally moved all your stuff into your room, make sure to take a breather. Drink some water and take a snack or eat a granola bar. You do not want to start arranging and moving stuff around after you just lugged all your stuff up the elevators or worse, the stairs! It is important for you to stay calm and breathe. This is the beginning of something amazing and you want to make sure you are starting your journey relaxed. If you do begin to freak out about this process, make sure to talk to someone. Most Universities have their RA's walking around or older students helping, stop someone and say Hi! It won’t hurt and they are probably amazing people who would love to talk to you and make you feel welcome! 


Most dorm rooms come with furniture and if you like how it is arranged then keep it that way and start moving! But, if you don't, make sure you re-arrange it before you start moving your stuff in so you get that out of the way and you don't struggle with having all your stuff in the way. When I got into my dorm room, I loved how the room was arranged so immediately started putting up most of my stuff but then my roommate showed up and hated it, so I had to wait for her to change it the way she wanted and continued moving. What can I say... I am super nice :) 


I know our parents can be super annoying during move-in day but enjoy it, they too are going through several emotions. I know I wish my mum was there when I was moving in. Re-assure your parents that you are going to be okay and take as many pictures as you can. Document your move-in process and your first day of college, those memories will last a lifetime. 


I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have seen people struggle with all the stuff they bring from home that don't fit in their room. We seem to forget that dorm rooms are super small! Pack lightly at least from the beginning and you can always go shopping or go back home (if you live close) to get some more stuff. It makes the packing easier for you and lets you have more space in your dorm room. 


With all the craziness that is move-in make sure you soak it all in! Take some time to look around, smile at every other person moving in, make conversation and be positive. Do not stress about not having everything done. Go out, meet new people and make sure you start your college career on the right note!


That's it guys! My little college move-in day advice. Let me know in the comments if you think I missed anything! 

Now Go Forth and MOVE!!!!!