Burnt Out

It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it
— Lou Holtz
Photo by  Camille Orgel  on  Unsplash

I haven't written in this section of the blog in a while, and honestly, I missed writing on here. This section is different because it has always acted like my personal diary and a way of sharing what exactly is going on in my big head. I hate that I haven't been sharing more on here and I want to change that. 

so here we go...

Adulting is weird guys! It's too much going on at once honestly, and sometimes this sh*t is just so overwhelming. Beginning my masters right out of undergraduate seemed like a smart decision at the time, but right now, urgh I am not even sure anymore. Having to juggle classes as a full-time graduate student, with an on-call residence life job, and being a blogger ain't easy, and it doesn't help when you continue to spread yourself thin *rolls eyes at self*

It is so weird honestly, this burnt out feeling at this early stage... I mean I started classes last week and just started this job yet...it feels like I am suffocating already and that sucks. I am hoping to do better and work harder on balancing these responsibilities while maintaining time for myself.

Besides that...

Nah there really isn't any besides that right now. I am allowing myself to wallow in this stress for a while and hoping with wallowing I will learn to do better with managing my time and expectations (i know, mean right?) 

I do miss writing to myself and you indirectly because I think it helps me put into words the jumbled feelings in my head. I am ending this week stressed but hoping to begin next week on a better note! Plus, my best friend is coming into town so that should help a lot more. 

How do you deal with burn out? Let me know in the comments below so I can feed off that and hopefully manage this better!

Love always,

That Odd Girl